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Readymade science projects in Mumbai

science & technology projects in Mumbai

Now its easy to order science project kits for science fair exhibitions, school projects, or for making science learning easy and interactive for your kids! Explore intelligent gift ideas for birthdays, awards! And now download how to make science projects / models guides as well. There are a number of free downloads as well available […]

Future of banking: school project

future of banking, school project

Future of Banking *) Traditional Banking moves towards e-banking with increased penetration of Internet. Traditional Banking moving towards Internet & mobile banking. Economy moving from ‘Cash’ to ‘cash-less’ *) Reduce dependency on paper (pay-slips, cheque books, cash) *) Banks now offer multiple channels for conevenience of customers: Bank, ATM, Internet, Apps, Crdit/Debit cards *) Mobile […]

Math Project: Geometric Shapes

Math / Geometric 3d-shapes examples

Geometric Shapes: Here you will find a list of different geometric shapes to help you to identify a range of 2d and 3d shapes. Simple shapes in Maths can often be classified into basic geometric objects such as a point, a line, a curve, a plane, a plane figure (e.g. square or circle), or a […] © 2018