Holiday homework helpers in Mumbai

holiday homework

Holiday homework helpers in Mumbai, get extra helping hand for your children’s assignments so that you can go out on that much needed break with your kids. Help available for doing holiday home work, projects, assignments…etc.

Holiday Homework is a unique service which allows you to enjoy your personal life, holidays and vacations with your kids while we help your kid for the holiday homework, project work and the school work assigned to him/her. Now you can enjoy the precious moments with your kids, while we take care of the rest.

Students are getting less holidays than ever before, so don’t waste your time sitting at home doing things that your child already knows. Let us help you with your holiday homework, project work.

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You may contact us here for your Holiday homework.

For projects, we try to make it functional, but not very polished. For instance, the use of glue, tape and other materials will be such that it will look as if the project has been done by a child. This way school teacher is not likely to get suspicious, as if it has been completed by an adult.

But shouldn’t a child be doing their own homework?

Yes, we agree! In fact, there should not be any need of homework (for the lower classes) and the projects should be completed in the school itself.

However, that is not happening.

  • Schools are competing to be the best, but for the students its only resulting in more homework and projects
  • Teachers are in a rush to complete the syllabus, or are insecure, so some of the coursework comes home as ‘holiday homework’.

So you can’t really blame us if students and parents feel burdened by the projects, homework and assignments and share their workload with us.

And while we do most of the physical work, we advise all parents who give us work, to ensure their child at least understands the concept behind the projects (in most cases, kids are already aware of the concepts). © 2018