B.Com by correspondence from mumbai university

Mumbai University

So can one pursue BCom course from Mumbai university through correspondence? Is there any distance learning program in BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) affiliated to Mumbai university? Students who have completed their H.S.C examination are eligible for the BCom-Bachelor of commerce course from University of Mumbai. Mumbai University (MU) Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) […]

Event Management courses in Mumbai

The top colleges offering courses in Event Management offer best in class infrastructure, have experienced faculty from the industry, and lay special emphasis on Practical training, Internships that leads to quality placements for students in the lucrative Events & Entertainment industry. Various courses in event management: BBA in event management MBA in event management Diploma […]

Internship program for MBA students, Mumbai


Internships for MBA students, Mumbai & Pune. An extensive industry survey indicated that most MBAs are unemployable due to lack of real corporate exposure. companies have to make extra efforts to make them deploy-able. This involves lot of unlearning and retraining, which is both difficult for the company and the recruit making MBAs lose the […]

Top Universities in Mumbai

Mumbai has several top quality universities & colleges – more than most other cities in India. Mumbai is home to top class colleges that offer the best professional courses – MBA, Engineering, Medical, and more. Mumbai university is also one of the most reputed universities in India. The city brings together bright students from around […]

World Atlas, Maps for Kids

maps for kids

You’ll be surprised to see the enthusiasm that kids have for maps. Learning more about maps will help kids create treasure maps, help navigate on road trips, and dream about all the places they may want to visit someday. Maps also help kids to learn about geography. So if your toddlers playing kit doesn’t include […]

Handwriting improvement / calligraphy classes in Mumbai

improve handwriting for kids

Handwriting improvement classes in Mumbai: Summer is the time when most kids go for some classes or workshops to utilize their time better. Handwriting improvement is one such popular classes for kids in Mumbai. Handwriting Improvement/Calligraphy courses & classes in Mumbai Handwriting & Calligraphy Courses – Penkraft Address: 503, 400601, Durga Niwas Soc., M Karve […]

Travel & Tourism Management (Topic)


Elaborate the elements of process management in a service organization Answer the following question. Q1. How in your opinion state tourism development corporations can help sustain the development of the tourism sector?(10marks) Q2. What are the product strategies in a service marketing? (10marks) Q3. Define travel. List the differences between travel and tourism. (10marks) Q4. […]

Warehouse Management (Topic)


Describe warehouse activities & quality assurance Explain replenishment of materials in detail? Who should do stock taking? Explain planning & processing in stock taking What are the different types of discrepancies observed? Give reasons for the same? Discuss surplus materials & scrap materials Explain storage of belt splicing materials? Explain computer assisted materials management? Describe […]

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