Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer Almost all of us take our vehicles for granted, in the sense that we all expect them to by up and running all the time.

But here’s scenario which almost all of us have faced. You get up one fine winter morning; you are already getting late for work; you rush to the car only to find that it won’t start. Another scenario is where you have parked your car with the parking lights on waiting for someone, and in a few minutes you find that the car wont start.

I’m sure there are other scenarios and a drained car battery is something that anyone can face.

A solar car charger is definitely a convenient solution for charging the batteries of motorcycles, automobiles, snowmobiles, tractors and more.

The Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer is one such charger that you can use, and the best part is that it also works on cloudy days.

Specs & Features

  • 1.8-watt solar charger plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt lighter socket
  • Works with automobile, all terrain vehicle (ATV), personal water craft (PWC), and boat batteries
  • Made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells
  • Includes alligator clips for direct connection to a battery
  • Measures 6.5 x 1.25 x 18 inches (WxHxD)

The complete kit includes a 1.8W solar battery maintainer, suction cups for easy mounting onto windshields, 7.5ft Wire, alligator battery clamps and a 12-volt DC Plug.

Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Charger

How to Connect?
The Sunforce 50012 1.8 Watt Solar Battery Maintainer gives you another reason to love the sun — it’ll help keep your car’s battery charged.

Installation is easy, and its also completely maintenance-free. There are a couple of ways you can connect this:

  • You vehicle will have a 12-volt lighter socket, you need to plug the solar charger into it. You then need to position the panel in such a way that it takes the maximum sunlight.
  • Another option is to use the included alligator clips to connect it directly to the battery; this way you can use your lighter socket to connect cell phone chargers or other accessories.
  • This product as it does an excellent job of keeping the battery charged.
  • Its easy to use with comprehensive instruction manual.
  • Most felt that this battery maintainer set is value for money and is reasonably well-built for its low price.
  • Overall
    This is a quality & affordable solar charger that works with almost any vehicle; a special diode ensures the charger doesn’t reverse drain, which is so common of most battery chargers. Using the Sunforce 50012 1.8-watt solar battery charger, you should have no trouble starting your vehicle.

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    1. Product works well but you need to check the output at the end of the cigarette lighter plug with voltmeter. I couldn’t figure out why there was no power at the cig plug. After some investigating I realized there was a fuse inside the cig plug that was blown. Even though the blue light is flashing you’ll still have no power at the plug. I slid the chrome ring off the plug and it opened up exposing a blown fuse. Hope this helps.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    2. I installed this battery maintainer on the dashboard of my motor home and plugged it into the cigarette lighter while the motor home was in long term storage. Since the rig faces the morning sun, the maintainer did an excellent job of keeping the battery up to charge. I am well pleased with this Sunforce Solar battery Maintainer and would recommend it to anyone in need of such a unit.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    3. I purchased this solar charger for a camping trip I had planned. Out in the high deserts of Arizona, I wanting protection that my truck battery will be charged. I have a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder with a WalMart battery. We did use the truck battery too much while camping and that next morning the battery would not turn over the truck motor. Hooked up the Sunforce 1.8W solar charger and by day end the truck started right up. LIFE SAVER!!! I would recomend the product HIGHLY!!!
      Rating: 5 / 5

    4. Pros: Affordable price, good choice of connectors and clamps, compact design, long cable length, blue led indicator helps determine activity, very good shock proof packing, simple easy to understand instruction manual, light weight, environment friendly and saves electricity money.

      The price of this item is reasonable and affordable. Perfect battery maintainer for the long winter months. Panels comes with its own clamps, adapters and connectors. Just to make sure, I checked the battery voltage before using this item and after using the item and the maintainer surely works great. The batteries show no sign of drainage or loss of voltage since one month. I have seen the voltage has gone up slightly indicating a good charge everyday.

      Cons: One panel-wire had a loose connection (soldering). The LED light indicator turned ON sometimes and if I moved the panel-wire it went OFF. I understood it is loose soldering. If I had a solder iron, I could have easily repaired the loose connection. Since I don’t, I returned the item and got another set which is fine.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    5. Nice little battery charger that maintains you battery. The flashing blue led lets you know it working and the cigarette lighter adaptor is a big plus for being easy to use. The only thing I noticed was that the cigarette plug adaptor sometimes pops out of the socket. Not sure why but it appears it’s a little long and the center contact sticks out fairly far and the side contact springs don’t go in far enough to hold it in place. I have to assume this a little too long and therefore pops out and would become useless to charge the battery then and if you leave it long periods wihtout being able to see if it’s still pushed in it would no longer be charging the battery. Other then that is works great. It might be that my cigarette lighter plug is on an older car but would have thought they are a standard size.

      I would recommend it 100%

      Rating: 5 / 5

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