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Study in Singapore Singapore is a modern country with highly developed infrastructure and excellent opportunities for people living there and for those wishing to migrate to the country. Apart from the development in other sectors, Singapore is also well known for its educational opportunities and universities.

Few of its universities always get ranked in the top 10 Universities in Asia. More and more students, especially from India are choosing Singapore for their education. Not only is the cost of living affordable (comparatively) but Singapore has good job opportunities too because of which students are attracted towards the country. It has high standards of teaching and learning because of which it is rightly regarded as leaders in higher education in Asia and worldwide.

Why Singapore?
There are many reasons why Singapore is considered as a good option for Indian students:

  • For Indians, Singapore is the best option to consider both academically and financially. Other countries like US and UK are relatively very expensive making Singapore a cheaper and better option.
  • Singapore has six universities with approximately 30,000 students each and many private institutions as well. Which means plenty of options for students to apply.
  • The courses are taught in English.
  • Plenty of scholarship options available for students.
  • Singapore has a large community of Indians living in the country, so students coming from India can be a part of the Indian community to feel close to their culture and people.
  • Good job opportunities available in Singapore which students can explore after education.
  • Singapore is not very far from India. So, its easier for students to fly back home.
  • Easy and hassle free visa process.

List of some Important universities in Singapore
Here are some of the list of universities in Singapore that a student can apply to:

  • LASALLE College of the Arts
  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
  • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
  • MAGES Institute of Excellence

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