Start Preschool Business in Mumbai / India

What are the steps to start a Preschool business in Mumbai / India? Here’s all the information you need and any approvals, certification or licenses that you may require.

Start Preschool Business in Mumbai / India

Education has always been the number one priority for most parents in India. They would cut cost in all other areas, but when it comes to education they will ensure that their children get the best that they can afford.

In addition, over the last few years, the number of players in the education sector in India have increased manifold, and that includes several foreign names as well.

Good Business Potential

Some of the reasons that this sector is seeing so much interest include:

  • Indian economy is growing
  • Increase in household income
  • Both parents are working, in most cases
  • Children are willing to explore when it comes to their career, and parents are supportive
  • Increasing Competition

    There is no doubt that things have become very competitive, and parents want to give their children the “Edge”, and they are willing to pay more if they see value.

    This is where most companies are trying to capitalize upon.

    How to Get in this Business?

    There are many, who are keen to enter this business, especially women who don’t have a full time job. Most are interested to start their own preschool / nursery, but lack the information required to get started.

    There are a couple of ways in which you can get started!

    First is to get a Franchise of some well-known education brand, who have proven experience in this sector. The advantage here is that you will get all the guidance, and don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You get something that is proven to work. But then the investment required is high.

    Second is to start on your own. The advantage being, initial investments will be low, but then the disadvantage is that you will be learning how to do the business on your own. It will be some time before you start seeing some profits.

    Other Formalities

    Usually, for operating any business in Mumbai, you need a license under the Bombay shops and establishment act, which is provided by the BMC.

    You will also need to appoint teachers who have some certification in courses related to early childhood education. Even if you have it, that should be fine!

    If you are taking a franchise, then all the details and procedures will be furnished to you by that company.

    So, that’s all you need to get started with your Preschool Business in Mumbai / India.

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