Useful Star Maps & Kits for Kids

Orion Stargazers ToolkitIf you ever plan on going star gazing with your kids, you will need a star chart to guide you. A star chart is helpful in identifying the objects in the sky. There are many elements in the sky that your child will want to know of. Plus, with the earth rotating and revolving around the sun, the elements and position of these elements are never constant. That’s when a star chart helps you identify one element from the other. Star charts are also made for the northern and southern hemispheres and different latitudes to correctly identify in the sky.

You can lay the foundation for your kid to be a good astronomer by getting him/her some very useful star charts, books and kits for Kids to help them know more about the objects in the sky.

Star Charts: Useful Guides

Star charts are the most useful guides for observing the sky at night. These charts are not very detailed owing to the restriction of space to fit all the information on one chart. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for on the field star gazing. A large star chart would be ideal. They are made of plastic or are planisphere and some others are even laminated. For those who complain about the star charts not being detailed enough, it is available in a book form also. So, you can get the star chart book for classroom purposes if you wish to provide students with additional information.

Stargazer Guide Books and Kits

This is a basic kit ideal for an amateur star gazer. The kit includes 2 kits of basic supply that an amateur star gazer would need. It is always recommended that those who are just starting off with star gazing opt for a binoculars before buying a telescope along with these star gazing books and kits. Some star gazing kits are definitely better suited than the field guides however the only complaint would be that the chart is a bit smaller than ideal.

Orion Stargazers Toolkit

Orion Stargazer Tool Kit

The Orion Stargazer Tool kit is an interesting mix of items such as the Discover The Stars book, Star Target Planishphere, Moon Map Book and an aviator’s flash light. The book, Discover The Stars, written by Richard Berry contains useful information about the sky maps, charts, it explains the use of planisphere and adjustable star chart, gives inputs on stargazing, telescope and the universe. The kit also contains a Moon map that helps identify the craters and other features on the moon and the aviator flash light helps see in the dark. The aviator flashlight helps especially when you go out stargazing in the dark.



Before you set out to buy a telescope, you should buy the Astro-Pack Kit. This kit includes a star finder, star chart, night sky and planisphere. The Night Sky through your telescope contains all the basic information an astronomer would want including information on star photography, the best telescope accessory, tips on how to use the planisphere or star chart and ways to set up a telescope.

Guide to the Stars

Guide to the Stars

Previously known as David H. Levey Guide to the stars, this is a 16” diameter star chart or planisphere. It includes north observation of 30 – 60 degrees including North America, Canada, England, Europe, Japan and Northern China. Designed for kids as well as experienced star gazers, the chart works by rotating the top portion to align the stars with current month, day and time to see the location of the stars, constellations and other astronomical features. There is also a 11” size available for those who don’t want the 16”. There is information on both sides of the chart.

Guide to the Stars

Turn Left at Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a Home Telescope and How to Find Them

Turn Left at Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a Home Telescope & and How to Find Them is a popular book on astronomy. You can catch the updated new edition that contains more information on charts, information on photography equipment and charts on natural occurrences such as lunar and solar eclipses. It is liked due to the features that show how an object will look through different scopes. It is a great book if you are a amateur astronomer. Its spiral binding makes it easier for field use.

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