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SAT prep

Best SAT coaching/classes, exam prep in Mumbai; best study guides & test prep available. Here’s a complete guide to understanding SAT, and useful tips & tricks on how to do well in these exams.

About SAT

SAT is a standardized test that you need to give for getting college admissions in the United States. Earlier it used to be called the Scholastic Aptitude Test and then the Scholastic Assessment Test but most refer to it simply as SAT.

It focuses on three major sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

Here’s a video that shares useful Tips & Tricks on how to take the SAT exam:

Colleges use these test scores to determine whom to welcome into the school each year. These scores also determine who gets scholarships and who doesn’t. Though it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t fare well, it does make sense to give it your best shot as it can put you in the fast track.

No wonder that SAT prep is becoming more important than ever.

As with any other exam, its okay to get a bit worried about them. After all, this score eventually helps you in getting admission to the college of your choice. But the important thing is to prepare well for the tests.

You need to be committed, put in the efforts, and above all practice with mock tests and papers.

SAT tests your reading & writing skills as well. Here’s a collection of 5000 Sat Words (With their Definitions)

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