All RTE Admissions In Mumbai To Be Done Online

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All RTE Admissions In Mumbai To Be Done Online All RTE activists and parents from across the city will surely be happy with this development. All RTE admissions across Mumbai will now be dome online.

With the online process in place, schools will find it difficult to mislead parents concerning admissions. It will be very easy for parents to know which schools are eligible and the number of seats that are available to them.

To make sure those involved in the implementation are trained on the online aspects, BMC will conduct demos for education inspectors and school principals.

Here’s how the entire process is supposed to work!

Schools will have to register online and provide some basic details. Once the registration is done and approved (around a week’s time), the online platform will be open to parents to apply for admissions. The admission schedule will be declared once the registration is complete.

However, even parents will need to be trained on how to use the online medium.

For that reason, the education department will set up help desks across the city to educate parents on how to use technology. If parents face any difficulty in doing online applications, they can always contact the help desks, thus ensuring no student is left out.

Experts worry that parents may not be able to adapt to the online process, and are suggesting that even NGOs be kept well-informed so that they can assist such parents with the online admission process.

Originally posted 2015-07-08 20:13:46.

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