How to revise effectively: Effective revision techniques

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Here are useful tips on how to revise effectively so that your brain doesn’t easy forget what it has learnt.

Most students do the mistake of learning a new thing once and then revising it just before the exam. However, this technique doesn’t work; no wonder, so many students are unable to remember things during exam, and get panicky.

So what is the most effective revision technique?

  • Experts suggest that you should do the first revision in 24 hours time. Because after 24 hours, the first cycle of forgetting starts, as the brain is fed with newer information.
  • Similarly, the second revision should be done in a week’s time. Because after week the second cycle of forgetting starts.

Here’s a nice video by BK Aditi Singhal (Guinness world record in Maths and also holds records in Limca book for Memory and fastest calculations) where she shares the perfect revision plan. It’s in hindi but she offers some great insights on how to revise effectively.

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