All About Rainforests: Useful Information for Kids

There are a lot of rainforest books for kids out there but many of them are more appropriate for older children both because of the amount of information included and because of how much they focus on the destruction of the rainforests and the extinction of species.

All About Rainforests: Useful Information for Kids

We all know how big of a problem this is and want to raise children who are environmentally aware. However, toddlers are probably too young to be worrying about deforestation and the loss of animal habitats (and the animals). But you can still teach them about amazing plants and animals in the forests around our world, and a bit about how an ecosystem works—plants, animals, and insects that live side by side and depend on one another.

Rainforests are located across the world, generally around the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Central and South America, Africa, India,
Southeast Asia, parts of Indonesia and Australia all contain rainforests. The largest rain forests are located in Brazil (South America), Zaire (Africa) and Indonesia (South East Asia). Other tropical rainforest are located in Hawaii and the islands of the Pacific and Caribbean.

Watch:Rainforest animals of the Amazon jungle – BBC wildlife

Rainforests are also home to several species of plants and animals (some of the most fascinating animals are found in rainforests). Statistics suggest that approximately half of the world’s animal species live in rainforests. Another estimate is that 25 percent of the world’s medicine is derived from rainforest plants.

Here are some amazing Rainforest Books for Kids that are appropriate for the young child. These are fun and informational without being overwhelming.

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