College students outsource project work to save time

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More and more college students are outsourcing their project work to save time, so that they can focus on their studies and prepare well for exams.

Students from engineering, diploma, and arts and science colleges are outsourcing their project work to trained professionals.

In every undergraduate degree, a student has to pursue a project in the final semester of the course. Students get anything between one and three months to complete the project. And, these projects require field work, literature study, performing experiments and preparing a thesis on the research work.

In an attempt to take the shortcut, many students approach these project training institutes to help them out with the project. These professionals help students with everything in the project.

We do projects for arts and science, diploma and engineering students. Almost 50% of our crowd is from arts and science colleges because they do their projects individually. The rest is engineering and diploma students. However, engineering students usually pay more for a project, compared to arts and science students.

Are you a college student located in Mumbai? Need help with your engineering project or any other project work? Feel free to discuss with us on how we could help.

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“Students approach us with an idea. We will study the idea, and if it is workable, we will promise them a time frame and deliver the project. We will first chart a plan depending on the time limit, then carry out the experiments or prepare the working model, record necessary data, tabulate them, prepare the thesis and hand over the entire content to the students. We also prepare the power-point presentations for the students before the review.

Some institutes do not like whiling away time searching for ideas. “The season for the projects begins in November every year, and it is dull for us between June and November. So, we utilise this time to chalk out ideas for the projects. We track the concepts trending in different fields, and keep the ideas ready. Mostly our ideas and students’ expectations match when they approach us. This gives us a headstart, and helps us deliver the projects on time,” says a professional

We have seen arts and science students approach us just a day before the last date of submission of the thesis. We are prepared for such situations too, and deliver the project.

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