Professional Technology Programs in Mumbai

professional technology programs

Professional Technology Programs in Mumbai, these are short-term/weekend programs, classes are held in Mumbai. Perfect for working professionals who wish to study without interrupting their careers.

If you a technology enthusiast looking to be at the forefront of the ongoing technology revolution, then you should explore these recently introduced suite of professional technology programs.

Expertise in these areas will give your career a boost.

  • Courses conducted by SP Jain Campus (Kurla).

Virtual Reality: Learn Visual rendering, tracking systems, visual perception, light & optics, virtual worlds, and 3D modelling

Machine Learning: Topics include Trees & Networks, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, Model Selection, Recommendation Systems, Hidden Markov and POMDP models, and programming languages like Python, R and Apache Spark.

Cybersecurity: Develop the expertise and practical know-how needed to defend systems and applications against cyber-attacks. Topics covered – Cryptography, Forensics, Cloud Computing, Number Theory, Secure Architecture Design & Models, Wireless Network Security

Big Data: Covers topics such as Data mining, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Linux, Algorithmic Training, Tableau Software, Perceptron and Ensemble Learning.

Fintech: Topics include Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Bots, and Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital Marketing: Topics include Inbound Marketing, Buyer Persona, Digital Ecosystems, Web Design/Development, Social Media Networks, CRM & Dashboards and Ethical Hacking.

Note: Most of these programs are not accredited by TEQSA, ASQA or any regulatory body in India or overseas.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2025 do not exist today. By then, many of the jobs we have today will be replaced by technologies that are yet to be invented. The change is already upon us.

  • Taxi drivers are being replaced by driver-less cars.
  • Robots are taking over surgeries.
  • Drones are painting murals and beautifying surroundings.
  • VR is bringing the retail experience to the convenience of people’s homes

Technology is disrupting the way we live, work and play like never before, creating tremendous opportunities for businesses.

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