Top Physics Science Sets for Kids

Top Physics Science Sets for KidsWhen you send children to school or try to teach them something, you hope to impart real life learning’s and concepts that will be used in day to day life of your child. You also want to make learning fun and interesting for your child. A physics science set will teach, challenge and entertain your child.

Concepts like magnetism, light & optics, energy, force & motion, rocketry, simple machines, kitchen experiments, can be taught using the activities in these hands-on kits. You can make cheese, build model bridges or a maglev train model, and much more with these kits.

fortunately, the most interesting and engaging science toys are usually based on the principles of physics. Here are some of the popular Physics science kits for kids. These science toys show a specific physical process, or processes, at work.

Physics Workshop Kit by Thames & Kosmos

The Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

If your child loves to build things, buy him a Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop that allows him to build a windmill, crane, sailing car and mars robot. Not only will he/she build but your child will also be introduced to other concepts such as catapults, pulleys and motors. This set is ideal for 8-12 year olds. It also contains a manual that answers some very basic physics questions and also contains bios of important scientists who have made major science discoveries.

You will find in this kit, 305 pieces and a 64 page manual that contains 36 building projects and 37 different experiments. It also has a record sheet that helps your child to record all the experiments and its results. This is especially important when doing experiments in the future as these record sheets act as a reference point.

Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro

Advanced Physics Pro Science Kit

The Advance Physics Pro Science Kit is one step above the regular physics kit. It is meant for advanced experiments with aeronautics and hydrology. Developed by Thames and Kosmos, this kit is a best-seller and contains 96 page experiment manual in full color with 213 parts.

Kids can explore and build hydraulic lifts, wind tunnel, and can learn how fluids work and influence other things. It is ideal for kids above 10 years of age.

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