Nehru Science Centre (NSC), Worli

nehru science centre

Nehru Science Center (NSC), located in Worli, Mumbai, is India’s largest interactive science center. The center is named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Visit on Weekends or Vacation

Vacation is a great time for kids, but most parents also don’t like the fact that their kids just while away the entire day doing nothing. While we understand there’s no need to rush, after all they are just kids. But you can always utilize their vacation time to introduce them to popular landmarks in Mumbai.

One of the popular landmarks worth visiting in Mumbai, along with your kids, is the Nehru Science Center.

My kid is 6 years old, and after planing this visit for long, I finally took my son to Nehru Science centre.

Nehru Science Centre Review

Its a science museum featuring interactive exhibits for kids & adults, plus seminars, events & lMAX films.

This is a nice place to spend a few pours with your kids. You will require at least 2-3 hours to see everything (not including the movie shows).

nehru science centre entrance
Photo of Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first Prime Minister) at the entrance

nehru science centre tickets
Nehru Science Centre Tickets – Its 50 Rs. per ticket (just under one dollar)

Various Sections in Nehru Science Centre

  • Hall of Nuclear
  • Science for Children
  • Climate change
  • Sound & Hearing
  • Prehistoric Animal Life
  • Light & Sight
  • Human & Machine
  • Hall of Computing
  • Our Technology Heritage
  • Hall of Aerospace
  • Science Garden Exhibits

Special Shows:

  • Innovation Hub
  • 3D Show
  • I am a Mother Show
  • Spark Theater

Main Attractions in Nehru Science Centre

Energy Model: The moment you enter the main building of the science museum, you’re greeted by this exhibit. With the help of a lever, you have to elevate the ball to the top of the system. Once there, the ball takes for a thrilling ride: down slopes, in concentric circles and on a ride on roller skates showcases how energy is converted from one form to another (gravity, centrifugal, inertia, etc.). The ball releases its potential energy which is converted to kinetic energy and is used to perform several tasks like moving a wheel, hitting a hammer on a metal plate, and moving a trolley down the track. The energy gained by the ball is converted to different energy forms, hence the exhibit is called the Energy Model.

The Science for Children has several interesting experiments for kids:

  • Experience electric shock (mild one)
  • Different between hot and cold, and other senses
  • Various mirrors (Concave, Convex) which make you look funny – either very lengthy or very short
  • How different parts of the brain controls the various body parts
  • The cycle experiment where a skeleton on cycle will mimic your child riding another cycle
  • and much more

My seven year old loved the garden exhibits, the dinosaurs, and the Science for Children section.

nehru science centre Dinosaurs
Nehru Science Centre: Dinosaurs outside the main exhibit halls

nehru science centre Garden
Nehru Science Centre Garden Exhibits: Make sure that your child spends time in the garden as well. Lots of interesting exhibits – Spiders web, DNA structure, Echo, Gear/Pulleys, and more.

Buy Science Toys at Nehru Science Centre

There’s a counter in the main exhibit hall that sells various kinds of science toys – science kits, science books, science games & puzzles, fun toys (balloon helicopter), etc.

nehru science centre - toy store
There’s a small shop in the centre that sells various kinds of interesting Science Toys.

Most of these science toys can also be bought online now.

Watch: Nehru Science Centre Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nehru Science Centre: Address & Location

The Centre can be reached by public transport i.e. train, bus, taxi or private vehicles. It is situated on Dr. E. Moses Road between Mahalaxmi Rly. Station on the South and Worli Naka on the North at a distance of about 1 km from either end. The nearest bus stop is Jijamata Nagar. The nearest railway station – Mahalaxmi (Western Rly.), Byculla (Central Rly.).

You may drive down to the centre or take a cab. The nearest train station is ‘Mahalaxmi’ train station on the western line. On the central line, its nearer to curry road station or chinchpokli station, although the cab driver suggested me to take the cab from Byculla next time, as the roads are less congested on that route.

Address: Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Opened: November 11, 1985
Phone: 022 2492 0482

Science Centre timing: The Science Centre is open to public every day including Sundays and public holidays throughout the year (Closed on Diwali and Holi.)
Opening hours: 10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs
Ticket Counter Timing: 10.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs

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  1. Nehru Science Centre,(NSC) Mumbai is India’s largest interactive science center, located in Worli. The centre is named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The centre started with the ‘Light and Sight’ exhibition in 1977 and then a Science Park was built in 1979. It was opened to public on November 11, 1985 by late Rajiv Gandhi at that time the Prime Minister of India.Nehru Science Centre, first conceived as a Science & Technology Museum in late sixties, took final shape as India’s largest interactive science centre in 1977 to match the world trends in such public institutions. The centre opened its first semi-permanent exhibition `Light & Sight’ in 1977 followed by the world’s first ever Science Park in 1979, during the International Year of the child. The full- fledged science centre was finally opened to public on November 11, 1985 by late Shri Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India. Nehru Science Centre, the largest Science Centre in the country has a sprawling 8 acres (32,000 m2) of science park with varieties of plants, trees and shrubs. More than 50 hands-on and interactive science exhibits on energy,sound, kinematics, mechanics, transport, etc. are installed in the science park. The NSC building with its unique architecture houses several permanent science expositions on various theme.Nehru Science Centre is visited by over 600,000 people every year who experience and enjoy the basic principles and marvels of science & technology. Situated on Dr. E. Moses Road, Mumbai – 400018, in between Worli Naka and Mahalaxmi Railway Station and spread over 14 acres (57,000 m2) of land, the Centre provides a natural and free environment for students to learn, familiarize and spend creative holidays and for professionals in the field of science education to have a glimpse of innovations in science education. Close to 1,20,000 school children alone participate in the activities of the Centre.

    Nehru Science Centre incorporates innovative ways to communicate science to enthuse, entertain, initiate, excite and bring the developments of science & technology to the doorstep of common people for prosperity, awareness, and improving the quality of life. The centre attempts to enhance public understanding of science and spread scientific literacy.

    More than 50 hands-on and interactive science exhibits are based on various aspects of science and technology, and there is a collection of some historical artifacts of science and technology. The 3D Science Show is also organized at the centre.

  2. I got my HAMRADIO training in NSC in the year 1981/82 OM Jimmy Mistry VU2IJ,OM Noshir Mulla VU2IN, sudhir shah,and Pervez Bharucha use to teach us it was very enjoyable at that time the most important was there was no fees charged at that time.
    Girish VU2LNZ

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