Mumbai College to shut down for cheating, hundreds of illegal admissions in FYJC

A college in Borivli, Mumbai to shut down for cheating, hundreds of illegal admissions in FYJC. Its students will now be shifted to other institutions in the vicinity that have vacant seats.

The state education department recently derecognised a Mumbai-based junior college (Namdar Shri Ajit Pawar junior college in Borivli) for cheating parents and students and not following rules of the centralised admission process.

The Charkop police registered a case under section 420 (cheating) of IPC against the college principal and owners of a private coaching class. The college had allegedly tied up with the coaching class and students were marked present even if they attended the tuition and not the college.

The principal and owner of the coaching class were arrested for allowing some students to appear for the FYJC exam from its centre. The question papers were also identical, but later the principal only lodged a police complaint blaming the class for malpractice. “This could be a case of a monetary arrangement gone wrong,” said a police official.

Explaining its modus operandi, the deputy director of education said “When the system allotted students for first year junior college (FYJC), they admitted them but did not upload the information on the portal. Due to this, the seats were considered vacant for the next round as well and more students were allotted. The cycle continued.”

The department issued derecognition order after it received an unsatisfactory explanation to the show-cause on these irregularities.

The principal of the college Prashant Gaikwad is only 29 years old.

The Charkop police said that the college principal was arrested but they are still looking for the other accused from the private coaching class.

Source: hindustantimes

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