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Maths for Kids Enjoy a wide range of free math games, interactive learning activities and fun educational resources that will engage students while they learn mathematics. Find cool math games, interesting facts, printable worksheets, quizzes, videos, made specifically for students and children of all ages.

Why learn math?

The word “Mathematics” comes from the ancient Greek language. For thousands of years, people have been accumulating mathematical knowledge, i.e. knowledge about numbers, quantities and quantitative relationships.

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Without such knowledge, the ancient Egyptians, for example, would not have been able to build their famous pyramids. Satellite launches, construction of motorways, weather forecast, simply would be impossible without mathematical calculations.

The moment a child is born, s/he finds herself in a world of numbers – height, weight, pulse, and so on. As the child grows up, she uses numbers to communicate – “I want two ice cream!” says a five years kid. Mathematics? Yes, math! The real arithmetic!

Mathematics encourages thinking, it teaches you to find new, unexpected solutions.

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff may not be a math whiz but he is all in favor of kids learning math in school. Even though The Bombay High Court has urged all education boards to consider having mathematics as an optional subject for all school certificate examinations, Tiger Shroff has come forward to champion the cause of education.
The actor is now a Shiksha Superhero in a CSR initiative.

“I wish this suggestion of having mathematics as an optional subject had come when I was in school. I believe in holistic learning and education. We make a living by doing work to earn money and how do we take care of that money? Some amount of knowledge of mathematics is vital for that,” said Tiger on a lighter note.

Maths Video Lessons

How to Choose Math Books for Kids

Most teachers and educators will tell you, there isn’t “the best” book, but rather a great selection of decent quality children math books. The important thing, when looking for math books for kids, is to look at the two following elements.

  • The mathematical content should suit the child’s math level, and even exceed it (not by too much).
  • The content should be interesting enough so the child enjoys going through it and solving the problems.
  • Math books for kids should encourage observation, investigation, exploration, and discovery of patterns in math. Moreover, they should encourage creative thinking.

Math vs. Maths

Math and maths are equally acceptable abbreviations of mathematics. The only difference is that math is preferred in the U.S. and Canada, and maths is preferred in the U.K., Australia, and most other English-speaking areas of the world.

Neither abbreviation is correct or incorrect. If you were raised in a part of the world where people say maths, then maths is correct for you, and the same is of course true of math. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

Here are some Examples.

North America

  1. Math is the strong suit of students at the Ward Elementary School, where 50 percent of third grade students scored “advanced.” [Boston Globe]
  2. Math professors are appalled at the lack of math skills they see in some education students … [Winnipeg Free Press]
  3. Apollo paid less than $100 million to acquire Carnegie Learning, a provider of computer-based math tutorials. [The Atlantic]

Outside North America

  1. It lasted a long 40 minutes, which is how I remember maths lessons. [Financial Times (U.K.)]
  2. But scratch below the surface and you’ll find the maths is seriously flawed. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  3. The Government has been under pressure from business and employer groups to boost standards in maths. [Irish Times]

Importance of Math Homework

Math Homework For Better Scores in the Subject The importance of math is known to teachers as well as parents of students. Although its an important subject, for years, Mathematics has been plaguing several students. However, the only way you can get better at the subject is by regularly doing your Math Homework.

Mathematics is the way to calculate or exactly describe amounts. And Math homework is the best way students can learn the principles of mathematics.

Math in the Initial Years
In the first years of school, math homework takes the form of simple additional and subtraction. These are skills that are simple enough that even a parent can help with math homework.

Addition and subtraction are basic to all forms of mathematics and will be used every day for the rest of the student’s life. Be it pocket money, or expenses at the movies, or any sort of budgeting, knowledge of math will definitely help.

Next comes multiplication and division, which in addition to adding and subtracting, gives you more control over the numbers. It makes the process of dealing with large amounts or numbers of repetitions of events much faster, in the long run.

More Uses of Basic Math
To be better at math, students need to learn multiplication tables, so these are definitely part of any homework. However, once you learn it, math becomes easier.

Mathematic calculations are used in nearly every form of business. So math homework will definitely pay off one day (in terms of better salary or becoming better at your profession).

Look for Practical Applications
Math homework is not going to be only about addition, subtraction, multiplication & division; over time it will increase in difficulty when percentages and decimals will be introduced in the curriculum.

However, if you’re a parent (and you were weak in the subject yourself), there’s really no need to panic.

Look for practical ways in which you can teach your child how to apply the concepts learnt in school. Hopefully, once you show the students some practical applications, they will remember it for the long term, and that really should be the objective of any math homework.

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