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What is M.Com?

Masters of Commerce (M.com) in India is a Post-graduate Master’s degree which focuses on commerce, accounting, management and economics related subjects. It is 2-year course offered by various colleges and universities. The course work includes thesis, and research based elements.

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M.com students in India have to submit their dissertation and write essays before completing their course (Semester 4 exam).

Every M.Com student will need to write essays as part of their exam.

Project Work / Dissertation

The students also have to submit one dissertation, which has to be prepared at home and submitted before the exam.
The dissertation is about 40-70 pages and can be prepared on various topics / specialization.

The Project Work undertaken should be authentic and should contribute towards the development and growth of the subject.

The Project needs to be submitted to University of Mumbai for partial completion of the degree of Master in Commerce. Every students needs to do this under the guidance of a professor.

If the Expert Committee/ External feels that the Project Work undertaken does not appear to be authentic or does not contribute towards the growth of the subject or it has been merely copied from some sources, the Project work can be rejected and awarded zero marks.

Group projects are not allowed for M com students; every student has to write his/her own dissertation / project.

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Topics for M Com Projects

Finance Projects for M Com
Marketing Projects for M Com
Human Resource Projects for M Com
M Com Projects on Investments
M Com Projects on Equity Analysis & Fundamental Analysis
M Com Projects on Stock Markets
M Com Projects on Insurance
M Com Projects on Merchant Banking & Investment Research
M Com Projects on Derivatives
M Com Projects on Mutual Funds
M Com Projects on Ratio Analysis
M Com Projects on Financial Statement Analysis
M Com Projects on Online and Social Media Marketing

Sample Project Reports of M.Com (Free Download)
Project Reports of M.Com


1. Role of concepts, conventions and postulates for evaluation of accounting.
2. Role of accounting standards.
3. Relevance of introduction of International Financial Reporting standards.
4. A comparative study on segmental reporting in Indian corporate.
5. Mandatory disclosure practices of Indian companies.
6. Indian companies and voluntary disclosure.
7. Income tax act and personal tax planning.
8. Corporate tax planning and management.
9. Short term liquidity analysis of selected Indian companies.
10. Profitability analysis of selected nationalized banks of India
11. Profitability analysis of selected Private Banks of India.
12. Profitability analysis of selected Foreign Banks of India.
13. A comparative study of profitability between nationalized and private banks.
14. Profitability evaluation of selected Indian companies.
15. A study on solvency status of selected Indian companies.
16. Corporate governance and Indian companies.
17. Accounting and I C A I
18. Investors protection and SEBI
19. Working capital and textile industry.
20. Working capital and chemical industry.
21. Working capital and pharmaceutical industry.
22. Working capital and FMCG industry.
23. An evaluative study on merger and acquisition in India.
24. Accounting tools for performance evaluation and their relevance.
25. A study on emerging issues in Accounting
26. A comparative study on existing structure of financial statements and structure
proposed by MCAs.
27. Emergence and necessity of Forensic Accounting.
28. Financial performance evaluation of small scale industry in Gujarat.
29. Analysis of Dividend policy of selected Indian companies
30. Analysis of capital structure of selected Indian companies
31. Analysis of ROI (Return on Investment) of selected Indian companies
32. Economic Value Added as Technique of performance evaluation
33. Corporate governance & global practices
34. Indian accounting standards and IFRS
35. Study of Corporate social responsibility practices in India
36. Study of inflation accounting practices in India
37. Study of human resource accounting practices in India
38. Revised schedule IV of companies act

39. Study of marketing mix of companies like HUL, P&G, Godrej, Reliance and
40. Direct marketing – prospects and issues.
41. Customer Relations Management in service organization like banks, insurance
companies etc.
42. Analyzing the financial and marketing performance of banks
43. Comparing business performance of Banks
44. Comparing business performance of Insurance Companies.
45. Comparing business performance of Mutual Funds
46. Studying consumer behaviour in case of new products, shopping mall etc.
47. Strategies of FMCG companies in Rural Markets.
48. SWOT analysis of product / service companies
49. Rural marketing: prospects and challenges.
50. Analyzing the current economic environment – domestic and international.
51. International marketing: prospects and challenges
52. Relationship marketing by Indian and foreign companies
53. Study of gold ETFs.
54. Implications of DTC on investors and companies
55. FDI in India
56. FII in India
57. Saving and investment patterns in India
58. Study of home loan market

59. Optimum portfolio construction
60. Technical analysis of selected companies
61. Industry analysis for a particular industry
62. Testing validity of CAPM for Indian financial Markets
63. Testing different forms of EMH
64. Current trends in Indian money market
65. Performance evaluation of mutual funds.
66. Performance evaluation of LIC
67. Future of commodity markets in India
68. Forecasting share prices using sharp’s model

69. Studying internal control system of an organization
70. Transfer pricing issues in non-profit organization
71. Management control system of an MNC
72. Management control system of a service organization
73. Identifying key success factors for a service firm

74. Practical applications of probability distributions
75. Econometric problems in a given data set
76. Multivariate techniques in finance
77. Searching for an appropriate statistical model for a given data set
78. Applications of inferential techniques
79. Applications of OR models
80. Sales forecasting using statistical models

81. Study of interest rates in various aspects
82. Study of bond market in India and abroad
83. Study of money market in India and abroad
84. Study of banking services by various types of banks
85. Study of performance of a bank
86. Credit risk management by banks
87. Foreign currency risk management by bank
88. Management of capital by banks
89. Asset-liability management by bank
90. Study of export of specific items
91. Study of impact of specific exports on domestic economy
92. Case study of lead bank scheme
93. Study of microfinance by banks
94. Study of public sector lending by banks
95. Study of emerging banking regulations
96. Study of foreign exchange controls
97. Study of one international financial institution
98. Management of any one risk by banks
99. Impact of know your customer norms

All these titles are proposed by the University. Any other title can be selected by the student with consent of the respective Guide. The subject should invariably be mentioned along with the title. The subjects should be from with in the entire syllabus.

Structure of project work:
The following structure of project work should be followed to maintain the uniformity in preparation and presentation.

Selection and relevance problem, historical background of the problem, definition/s of related aspects, characteristics, different concepts pertaining to the problem etc can be covered by the candidate.

Research Methodology
Objectives, Hypothesis, Scope of the study, Selection of the problem, Sample size, Data collection, Tabulation of data, Techniques and tools to be used, limitations of the study, significance of the study etc.

Literature Review
Provide information about studies done on the respective issue. This would assists students to undertake further study on same issue.

Data Presentation and Data Analysis
Core part of the study. The analysis pertaining to collected data will be done by the students. The application of selected tools or techniques will be used to arrive at findings. In this table of information, presentation of graph etc can be should be provided by the students.

In this unit of project work findings of work will be covered by the candidate and suggestion will be mentioned by the candidate to validate the objectives and hypotheses.

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