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Career assessment involves a process of gathering information to facilitate career development assist in understanding and coping with career related problems or concerns and facilitate informed career decisio nmaking. Culturally specific variables to assess include: racial and ethnic identity, acculturation, worldview, socio economics status gender role exceptions family exceptions and responsibilities primary language and relationships.

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A major issue confronting a psychological researcher is ethics. Research ethics comprise many different topics, including test construction and psychometrics. Areas of concern within these areas include but are not limited to, measurement bias validity and reliability errors and the use of negligence or deception areas of limitations in the research and recommendations. The scientist must provide enough information about the research to ensure the applicability of the results. However to ensure the applicability of the results. However the experiment should also include information about the misuse of research and the need to consult multiple sources of information. The researcher mu ensure that they are abiding by ethical process as results may have consequences that the experimenter cannot foresee and failing to comply with these processes may lead to the scorn of the scientific community. Because of the daunting nature of this process it is necessary for the researcher to work with fellow scientists to confirm their research is reputable.

Psychologists regularly conduct research where they have to ensure they are meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards. This may range from informed consent and confidentiality to appropriate test use and proper testing protocols. Ethics plays a major role in how the scientific community perceives the work of a researcher. For example a discovery research would lead to their research being unaccepted by fellow scientists. Lesser examples of this includes issues of a test not meeting the purposes of a research study therefore ethics is an important elements to legitimate research practices.

Test construction is an important part of research ethics.The american psychological association (APA) (2010) published the manual ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct.This provides a statement on test construction in standard 9.05 which says psychologists who develop tests and other assessment techniques use appropriate psychometric procedures and current scientific or professional knowledge for test design, standardization, validation, reduction or elimination of bias and recommendations for use.

Reliability refers to the test measures what the researchers must also provide recommendations for the interpretation of test results including the possible misuse of research. Readers should be aware that they should not rely on one research study when making decisions. There should also be procedures for setting performance standards or passing scores. In the research article there should be an indication of what score a participants requires to pass a test or what constitutes sufficient performance.

Ethics Essay Conclusion

In this assignment I learnt about the importance of ethics in research and the consequences of failing to abide by them. There are many “grey” areas in research ethics as indicated in the book on being a scientist: responsible conduct in research and seeking passing scores or performance standards. Because this appears to be a large task, beginning researchers should work closely with an adviser or faculty member to ensure they abide by ethical practices. the mentor can give practical advice on research ethics as well as provide additional sources to consult regarding correct research disciplines.

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american psychological association (apa) (1992) ethical standards of psychologits and code of conduct. Washington, dc: author

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