How to Make Math Fun For Your Kids

We all know how important Math is; its important for kids when in school and it remains important in your adult life as well. No wonder teachers and parents want kids to be god in Maths, but not all kid get excited about maths and puzzles (in general).

Most teachers and parents strongly believe that children need exposure to Maths from a young age. It is believed that students in their ‘math lives’ can either go on from their early math schooling and learning, or they will detest the subject lifelong. In most schools, ‘math life’ is formal and regimented and that is one reason why many find the subject boring (in some case even fearful).

Most students are well aware of the importance of learning Math, but get discouraged because it comes across as ‘difficult’.

Speaking from experience, a math teacher says, “I strongly feel that if a child is exposed to a difficult concept in a subject with an equally difficult teacher, there are chances that the child will not pursue that subject later.”

However, there are some schools who’re trying to incorporate innovative ways of teaching Maths.

“For example, students are shown scenes from different movies and are asked to figure out how each of the scenes is possible or impossible mathematically. For example, taking the animated movie ‘up’, the children calculated the total amount of helium that would be required to lift an entire house, including furniture and people.” Students use videos, Power-Point presentations, printouts, group investigations, and giant cutouts to prove their formulae.

“We prefer making videos in the class because it makes it a lot more interesting,” said a teacher.

Students are also made to realize that learning Math is an integrated approach, where children can connect what they learn in Math to other subjects. Says one student, “We’re given very interesting projects where we’re asked to decode complicated answers from real life situations. For example, one of our assignments was to figure out the mean age of the gamers of the game- Clash of Clans.”

A very passionate math teacher says that children are not pots to fill, but their passions need to be ignited. “The key to teaching children Mathematics is adopting contextual learning. Children need to be taught that it is relevant and you are basically setting the child is in pursuit of knowledge, making them critical thinkers.”

How to inspire your kids to learn Maths:
Must do’s for parents…

  • Inspiration, not jail sentence: Math is all about inspiration, and not enforcing a jail sentence on children. Try to avoid keeping set timetables for children to learn Math
  • Maths becomes perfect with practice: Parental involvement in learning Math is very important. Sit down with children and perform experiments that involve Mathematics
  • Give children plenty of opportunities to count and measure : For example, while cooking, allow the children to count and measure ingredients. Budget your groceries with your children
  • Find ways to practice number operations: Pick a number between 1 and 20 (or between any two numbers up to 100). Have your child guess the number, then you tell if your number was greater than or less than his guess. Have your child keep revising his guess until he guesses your number. Then trade roles
  • Find ways to collect and organize complicated information: Read weather charts, movie schedules, and other common numerical information you find in the news

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