How to get financial help for higher education in india

Higher education in India is not cheap, and most parents in India struggle to fund higher education of their children, who want to go in for some professional degree in India.

With planning, preparation, and of course the right information, higher education is accessible to most Indian students.

Funding higher education of students is also the responsibility of the government. That is why there are so many scholarships that provide financial assistance to ‘meritorious students’.

Both the Government and Non-Government educational institutions provide financial assistance to students (most of it is in the form of scholarships in India.)

You can check out the several trusts and scholarships in Mumbai (and in other places in India) that provide educational assistance for those students who want to pursue higher education in India.

Some organizations pay ‘tuition fees and/or give ‘stipend’. Students may also opt for ‘Education Loan’.


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  1. Respected sir /madam,
    I’m Dojini from Tamilnadu. I am Sri Lankan refugee. I have already completed B.Sc zoology. I want to continue my higher degree till Ph.D.I have already married. But my husband had met with an accident. He was working (Painter) now. But he is not completely alright. So I have to took up my family after him. For that I have to continue my higher degree. Please help me. If you accept my request please send me the mail.

  2. i financial need help for post graduation

  3. Hu ahmedabad thi chu sir help karso to tamaro abhar. Hu madhyam varg no vidhyarthi chu mane mane thodi help joi ye che. Hu garibi rekha hethad aavu chu mane rupiya ni help karso. Mane thoda gana rupiya ni jarut che

  4. Rep.sir
    I am middle class family
    I need financial support for my baby’s BAMS COLLEGE fees
    Donations or scholarship me

  5. Hello sir/madam,

    I currently studing in hinduja college for my B.C

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