Best guitar classes in Mumbai for taking guitar lessons

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Best Guitar classes in Mumbai for learning guitar. Learn to play different styles of music, learn music theory, and more. These courses take students through the basics to more advance concepts. These courses are taught during the weekday, evenings and weekends, so you can choose a course/workshop that suits you.

Why Take Guitar Lessons? There are Several Reasons to Enjoy this Music Instrument…

Easy to Get Started

Guitar is one of those very few music instruments that is very easy to get started. Just take a few guitar lessons, learn a few basic chords and you can get started strumming to some popular songs. This is a great motivating factor, considering that students of other musical instruments can have a hard time initially.

Affordable & Variety

A music instrument needs to be affordable so that it can attract more students. Usually, one doesn’t get attracted to a music instrument looking at the price, it is the instrument that chooses you and then you go hunting for the cheapest one.

Fortunately for you, you can pick up a decent guitar for much less than 200 dollars.

You can pick up from a variety of guitars, such as electric guitars, acoustic guitars, nylon string or steel string, six or 12 string guitars. You can also choose from a huge variety of guitar effects.

Play any Music Style

Guitars are versatile instruments! It’s a music instrument which is quite popular not only among kids but also grown-ups. It is a stringed instrument and lets you play chords as well as melody.

You can play melody or chords, and play in several different styles such as classical, flamenco, rock, metal, folk, country or any ethnic style.

Whatever is your preference when it comes to the style of playing, chances are you’ll be able to play it on the guitar.

Get Started with Guitar Lessons

Once you go through the initial grind of learning to play the guitar, there are many exciting possibilities if you become good at playing the guitar. You can make decent full time living out of your guitar and music skills.

But before that you must take the first step of learning to play Guitar.

There are several types of guitars that you can start learning on, but the more popular ones are the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. It is recommended that you start learning to play on an acoustic guitar.

Best guitar classes in Mumbai

True School of Music, Lower Parel
Furtados Music School
The Guitar Thing, Malad

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