Top Gross Science Experiments, Squishy Toys & Science Kits for Kids

Gross Science Experiments, Squishy Toys & Science Kits for KidsWhat may be gross for some maybe fun for others. This is particularly true with kids. You may not like slimy things but your kids may find it fun. So, why spoil the fun, instead get them Gross Science Experiment Kits and let them have fun and learn as well.

Gross Science Experiments, Squishy Toys & Science Kits for Kids

These kits may include stuff like snot slime, foaming flush, potty putty etc. SmartLab has won several Good Housekeeping Best Toy and similar awards.

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That's Gross Science Lab

That’s Gross Science Lab

This kit is not only fun but also teaches kids basic chemistry and scientific principles. It contains 26 gross experiments and comes with a 24-page color instruction booklet as well. The experiments are very simple and can be done by any child of 8 years and over. You may need some common household items, 2 AAA batteries for the experiments. Additionally, you can use beakers, molds, slime stands etc as well.

Smart Lab Human Body

Smart Lab Human Body

You may gross out with the thought of pulling apart and putting back the parts of the human body even if it is a toy but some kids love it. The Smart Lab Human Body is a basic introduction to the working of the human body. The toy has various body systems such as cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal and muscular systems all of which can be taken apart and put back together. It is a great way to teach children about the human body and various functions of the organs of our body. It comes with a 32-page illustrated instruction manual along with tweezers, forceps, and tray to place organs. It is ideal for 8-12 year olds who love to play doctor on a 12” toy human body.

Squishy Head to Toe

Squishy Head to Toe

Your child can now play doctor with the Squishy Head to Toe. It consists of transparent correct models of the human body with the nervous system, eyeballs, skeleton that all glow in the dark. The kit also includes surgical tools made of plastic that help dissecting and operating on this 12” body, forceps, tweezers, scalpel, 24 page book, instruction sheet with 10 activities to do. It’s a great kit for kids aged 8 year and above.

The Amazing Squishy T.Rex

The Amazing Squishy T.Rex

Kids who love dinosaurs will love this one. This kit contains a transparent squishy T.Rex wherein the internal organs are visible. This 15” model has removable internal organs such as lungs, heart, intestines, tongue, plastic bones etc. The kit also includes a 24 page instruction book, shell pieces and a stand. The instruction manual also contains detail information about Tyrannosaurus Rex. Appropriate for kids aged 8 and above.

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