Grant Medical College (GMC): India’s first medical college

Grant Medical College (GMC) in Byculla, Mumbai is India’s first medical college, attached to Sir JJ Hospital.

The Medical College (undergoing restoration) is the first Victorian gothic structure built by the British. The restored college now looks bright and beautiful in pastel shades of yellow and green.

The college will be transformed into a medical library of rare books and a museum featuring old machines and tools that were used by doctors since 1845.

“The college building was in such a bad shape. Everything was broken and coming apart. The wooden wall ceiling had caved in, the porch too. It was unsafe to even start work. We couldn’t figure the original design of the building. So we did research on the building’s history, got hold some old photographs and sketches, which suggested it could be the first Victorian gothic building of the British era,” says Architect Abha Narain Lambah.

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