Gold / Jewelry Valuation Courses in Mumbai

jewelry valuation

Gold & Jewelry valuation/appraisal Courses in Mumbai.

There’s a good demand for people who’re skilled in valuation of gold and other kinds of jewellery. You can work for big Jewellers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Police stations, Anticorruption Bureau.

So if you’re eyeing a career in this line, you should do a course in gold/Jewelry Valuation. Learn to prepare professional and comprehensive valuation reports, completely objective and independent.

Want to know how much is your gold/jewellery worth? Want to do valuation of jewellery for Zakat in the Month of Ramzan? These courses will help you.

People experienced in valuation usually go on to acquire the following skills:

  • Modern and contemporary jewellery
  • Antique jewellery
  • Wrist and pocket watches
  • Silverware and clocks

Courses cover topics such as:

  • Legal process of Bank Valuation
  • Gold purity evaluation
  • Fake jewellery identification
  • Net weight calculation
  • Identification of Karat-age of any ornament, etc.

Types of Courses:

  • Short term courses are available for individuals as well as corporate jewellers.
  • Corporate training programs can be customized as per the jeweller’s requirement.
  • These institutes also periodically conduct knowledge based seminars pertaining to the current market scenario.

Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ)
Courses at Andheri & Tardeo

Solitaire Diamond Institute (SDI)
Courses all over India

Jewellery Valuation Guide

Why do you need to have your jewellery valued?

First is for wealth tax purpose / Networth purpose
Its essential you have your jewellery insured. House burglaries are on the rise and items stolen are rarely recovered. In order to have it insured you need it valued. Don’t forget, that engagement ring bought in New York will need a valuation in Euros before any insurance company will touch it. The insurance market is quite competitive too. If you decide to change your insurer you will need your valuation updated (in reality it should be updated at least every two years). So get this done before you call around looking for the best quote. Most valuations are undertaken for insurance replacement purposes, but there are a number of other reasons why you may seek a valuer’s assistance in connection with a valuation. I also carry out valuations for probate, family division and estimates for post loss replacement.

Who should value your jewellery?
A valuation is an informed opinion based upon many years of experience allied to formal training in specialist areas of product knowledge. Valuations need to be undertaken today to the very highest standards.

Why do values vary?
Items of jewellery are valued differently for different purposes. You might wonder about the difference between the insurance value of an item and the amount you would get, as a private individual, if you chose to sell the piece.

You can value any type of jewellery, all types of watches, silverware also.

Watch: How to calculate gold price

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  1. Please provide the information on the course on valuation of jewelry the duration of the course the fees the place at which the training gets conducted or whether it is distance learning thanking you in anticipation

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