Gardening For Kids

gardening for kids

Gardening for Kids: Kids are inquisitive by nature and are capable of learning a lot of things. So why not gardening? There are several benefits as we will see below. Besides, its becoming even more important for everybody to try to do their bit for the environment.

Gardening For Kids

Gardening for Kids: Benefits

  • There are plenty of easy projects related to gardening that children can get involved in, and in the process, also learn about nature, recycling, nutrition, and organic gardening.
  • Children can observe the miracle of life by observing the development of a seed to the fully-grown plant. This will serve as a great science lesson.
  • Gardening also teaches kids the importance of treating all living things with care.
  • Teaches kids from where we get food, and also teaches them to be more patient.
  • Simple gardening jobs like weeding can be used to educate the children on the philosophy of life to weed out bad influences.

“If you wish to have a better world, educate the Kids properly for gardening.” – Anonymous

Gardening for Kids: Getting Started

The ideal places where a kid can know about gardening are the public gardens, child nursery schools, and the home. There should be sufficient space to grow trees, plants , grasses, flowers, bushes and shrubs.

The first step of-course is to take them to a garden – Tell them how to plant a tree, how to sow a seed, what are flowers, explain them their various types and playing the games which encourage such activities.

Safety Measures
Here are some safety measures that you should implement when doing gardening with kids:

  • Thorny and bushy (rose and cactus) plants must be enclosed within the fences.
  • Do not let kids to roam in the garden at least for 2 to 3 hours after you have sprayed insecticides/pesticides.
  • Kids must not be allowed to handle the fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals.
  • If you are trying some gardening indoor, then place the planting containers, vases such that the kids may not get hurt.

Its also important to teach kids about plant care, such as not to damage plants or pluck flowers.

Children are the future and they need to be educated to take care of our precious environment. Involving them in gardening activities is definitely a great start.

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