Even Gods Have Problems

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So hear this one …. you will feel better …. everyone has issues & concerns …. you need to find a balance of some sort

Even Gods Have Problems

Lord Shiva and Vishnu were sitting one day, and Shiva was complaining to Vishnu about his problems.

Here is what he said.

I have two sons Ganesh and Kartikiya.(I did not know about kartikya).Ganesh Sits on a mouse, kartikya sits on a peacock. And I have a snake around my neck.

The peacock eyes the snake(peacocks eat snakes). My snake eyes Ganesha’s Mouse. Worse, I sit on the Nandi, the Bull, and my wife Parvati sits on the lion. Now the lion is eyeing my Nandi.

I have so much trouble balancing these things about.

Worse still, Parvati does not like her sister , Ganga to sit on my head. It is so cold on Kailash, and with all these problems, very little clothes on me, I wanted to kill myself.i drank poison, but that got stuck in my throat, and I cant even die .

Vishnu said, your problems are nothing , listen to mine.

I have one son, Kaamdev, the lord of lust. He has created havoc in the cosmos. I am ashamed.

I have one wife. Laxmi. Everyone prays to me, but want her to come to their house.And no one wants to let her go. Shiva, ur wife is with u, mine is roaming all around the world,with no one wanting to leave her, how would u feel in my place?

Also my Vahaan, the vehicle of travel, is Garud, the big bird. I have no seat belt, so cold up there, and one swish, and I am dead.

You are sitting in one place , kailash, and look at me I am sitting in the ocean, on the head of Sheeshnag, with multiple heads, and if one head goes wonky and bites me, I am dead .

You probably are laughing …. rightly so!

Yes we all have problems, each human being having his or her own set of problems.But we have to face them and get along.

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