Sample essays for ICSE Class 10

Essay Writing

Lot of students look for sample essays that can come in the for class 10 ICSE exam. However, instead of trying to guess, which topics come, a better approach is to learn how to structure an essay, and so some general reading on current topics.

If you take a look at the past question papers, you will see that the Essay topics are not usually repeated. It means you don’t have to by-heart any particular essay.

What they are looking for is a decent structure, they are not keen to know whether you have a mastery of the topic.

Here’s how to write a good essay for ICSE. Here are some hints on how to prepare for important essay topics:

  • Read newspaper headlines. Usually, the Essays seem to be based on current hot topics/burning issues
  • Have some information about current incidents, in politics, sports etc
  • Learn how to structure an essay.
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  • You would be given multiple options of essay topics. Take some time reading those topics and pick the one you’re most comfortable with.
  • You can also buy ‘last 10 years question paper’ book and go through all the essays and letters to understand the style of writing, the way introduction and conclusion should be written.

With this approach, you will surely be able to write on any topic.

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