Mumbai schools: Innovative ideas to conserve the environment

mumbai schools

Several Mumbai schools now work on a varied number of initiatives to save natural resources and conserve the environment. Striving consistently to make a difference, several Mumbai schools are taking earnest efforts to spread the message of natural resources and environment and the necessity to conserve them.

With each passing year, we are facing looming warnings with calamities such as droughts, floods or water pollution. Climatic and environmental changes and resource scarcity are the biggest threats that the world is facing today. To address these issues and to make necessary amends, these schools run several campaigns through which they share various ways to save and conserve water.

These schools undertake multiple activities that are interactive and empowering in many ways.

  • They conduct workshops on water conservation
  • Rain-water harvesting installations in the schools.
  • Ways to recycle and reuse water.
  • Water body cleanup initiatives
  • Summits and forums to discuss the concerns and plausible solutions
  • Street plays and skits
  • Marathons

and a whole lot of other activities to highlight the importance of water and ways to conserve it.

Another popular project/campaign is the anti-plastic campaign, where experts come and sensitise students about the alarming concerns around pollution caused by plastic and non-biodegradable substances and its effects on marine life and environment. The students created art installations from old plastic bottles and spoke about the perils of pollution caused by plastic and its adverse effects on the environment. The students have pledge their commitment to a toxic-free, clean environment and keeping India ‘Plastic Free’.

Waste management is a burning issue which needs immediate attention to avoid the adverse effects for generations to come. As a part of this initiative, some of the schools have collaborated with ‘Daily Dump’ to install Composting solution that will help recycle the waste into organic matter in the school premises itself. Daily Dump has installed ‘Aaga’, the latest innovative, aesthetic product to compost all all wet waste in the schools. As a pilot experiment, the group has installed this composting solution in three of its schools at Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune respectively. Post the experiment period, the same will be replicated in more schools in Mumbai and across India.

These schools through such community projects and activities strive to empower the students to be responsible citizens for a better tomorrow.

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