Engineering courses that can be taken after 12th in India

Engineering Courses /Colleges

Want to become an Engineer? Looking for a good engineering course / college after 12th? If yes, this article will help you out. Here, we take a look at the best engineering courses available in India.

Get to Know About Streams in Engineering

There is always a confusion between students about the streams to choose for graduation in engineering. It is always advisable to choose the stream of self-interest. The stream chosen decides the future and one need to be careful before selecting the streams. The selection of the stream also depends upon the rank score in the competitive Exams. JEE Main and JEE Advance Exam are the most popular exams for engineering. One need to be careful before selecting streams and consider the rank.

Here are some of the most selected branches of engineering:

Most Popular Branches in Engineering:

  • Computer Engineering

Today, there is need of computers in every step of the life. The demand of new software, applications, etc. are increasing rapidly. The job prospects of computer engineer are high with the good starting salary and faster growth. These prospects lure many candidates to pursue this course.

  • Mechanical Engineering

It is one of the core and evergreen branches of engineering. Since the industrial revolution, the demand for mechanical engineers is high. Every manufacturing and production industry recruits mechanical engineer every year. They are the employees that help in the efficient and effective run of the machines resulting in net growth of the company.

  • Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are considered as the backbone of the country. They are responsible for all the constructional and structural development of the nation. The demand for civil engineers is high in both government sectors and private sectors (especially in Middle East nations). Though the site working condition is rigorous, but the demand is never going to decrease making it popular among students.

  • Electrical Engineering

The demand of electrical engineers has increased in recent years. Today, the nation needs to develop and meet the power requirement. Many of the machines, appliances used for industrial and domestic use run on electricity. Though the course is tough, but the future prospect of this branch is high.

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

This branch is the mixture of computer and electrical engineering. There is a hike in this branch since the advancement of the computers. With local gadgets coming to market, the people are more interested in joining the course and learning in making circuits and their advance use.

  • Chemical Engineering

This branch has come to light since global warming became an issue. There is need of the chemical engineer to produce and design various important industrial and domestic materials. The demand of the engineer fluctuates with the economic, but there is always a need of chemical engineer in an industry to account for various reaction and production of chemicals, drugs, food, etc.

  • Aeronautical Engineering

This branch deals with design, construction and development of aircraft within the earth atmosphere. The fast pacing world needs to do the various task quickly. The aeronautical industry is at the boom with every city trying to be interconnected via aeroplanes. Similarly, there is rapid development in military jets and aircraft making the aeronautical engineers the need of the hour.

  • Production/Industrial Engineering

This branch is available in few colleges in India, though the demand is rising. The engineers are responsible for increasing the efficiency and productivity of the industry. There is always the certain issue in meeting the demand of the public and industrial engineers prove useful in these situations.

Apart from the above-mentioned branches, there are many other branches which deal with the specialised field such as Biotechnology, Genetic Engineer, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Mining, Marine engineering, etc. and the list continues. The sole purpose of selecting the branch depends upon interest, its requirement to the society and the nation.

Common Questions about Engineering Course

Here are some frequently asked questions on engineering courses after 12th.

Ques : Which is the best engineering course that can be taken after 12th?

Ans :There is no specific one which I can point out to you. You see there are several branches of Engineering that have good scope. Therefore my recommendation always is that you look through the branches and see what interests you the most rather than taking my advice.

Here are a few most-sought after engineering courses:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

Civil and Mechanical are considered evergreen Engineering branches with huge scope in India.

Engineering, Electronics and Communications is also recommended due to the variety of jobs available in this branch. You can get job in PSU, IT, Telecom or Consumer Electronics companies after completing Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Aerospace is difficult to get into, but its interesting, job opportunities are good, and jobs are high paying. The scope in Aerospace has also increased over the years.

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