Ecole Mondiale World School, Juhu, Mumbai

ecole mondiale world school juhu

The Ecole Mondiale World School is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Mumbai in the primary, middle years and diploma courses. It also offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at year 10 levels through Cambridge International Examinations, the International Division of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.

Ecole Mondiale consistently ranks among the top schools of India as a model of excellence for its outstanding academic record, but just as importantly for its development of compassionate, thoughtful individuals, who are making a positive difference in their worlds – both in, and beyond India.

About the Ecole Mondiale World School

While Ecole Mondiale World School is well known and respected across the Indian education world, it has also established a quite distinguished reputation far beyond the shores of India across theworldwide International school segment, especially in the community of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

“In fact, wile teaching in Europe I came to know more of the reputation of Ecole Mondiale,” says Principal Diane Lewthwaite of Ecole Mondiale World School in Juhu, Mumbai.

Ultimately it comes down to the very strong one-to-one bond between the child and their teacher with time spent together asking meaningful questions and developing a problem solving philosophy in all they do. Students direct many aspects of their learning, set goals, develop research and evaluative skills, understanding not just their own small world, but the greater context of learning beyond their own direct experience. These skills packaged together is the reason their students develop the attitude required required to be a force for good in the world today and the future students who grow up as reflective thinkers, compassionate caring human beings, principled in the face of life challenges (i.e. the attributes of the IB Learner Profile). And most importantly their opportunities allow them to soar in life by achieving outstanding academic results.

This is combines with a partnership approach between parents and teachers, where the communication is respectful, honest, regular, and clearly focused on the needs of the student. Both teachers and parents will initiate conversations about the learning journey of the student, both inside and outside the formal reporting process.

“Our small class sizes ensure individual attention for each child and their specific developmental needs,” says the principal.

Students of Ecole Mondiale have many opportunities to gain experience leading, competing and giving service outside of the classroom on a regular basis. Children become leaders of clubs and sports teams, win awards at cutting edge competitions such as the Olympics of Robotics (STEM) held in Washington DC. Their students compete successfully in inter-school competitions across Mumbai and are known for their positive team spirit. Importantly they develop through their IB programmes, the concept of service to others. Students develop service programmes in a systematic manner but also in response to immediate and unexpected needs that arise. Ecole Mondiale World School graduates are well prepared with their package of skills and understanding for the world after school.

All this and more happens through the lenses of the three core IB curriculum frameworks, taught in thousands of schools worldwide. These programmes are highly esteemed by the top universities across the continents where many of their alumni are successfully continuing their study or have entered the world of work. Testimonials from those graduates reflect positively on their happy experience as a student in community at Ecole Mondiale.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Ecole Mondiale World School have fully equipped classrooms, computer labs, library, recreation and sporting facilities, science labs, music studio, audio visual room.

Students have access to visual arts – drawing, painting, clay, design, construction, modelling and pottery, Theatre arts, recreation and sporting facilities.

Ecole Mondiale World School Contact Details

Affiliated Board : IGCSE
Website :
Contact Details : Gulmohur Cross Road No.9 J.V.P.D. Scheme, Juhu Mumbai – 400049, India Tel : + 91-22-26237265 / 66 / 49 Fax : + 91-22-2623 7263 Email :

The Ecole Mondiale is one school that most parents look at (as an option for their children) when they decide to move back to India.

One of the most common questions is how far is the school from Powai (Hiranandani). While there will definitely be school buses, the travel time will be around an hour or so (each way).

Parents could look at staying in Juhu, which offers excellent accommodation but is a bit more expensive than Powai.

Watch: Ecole Mondiale World School Science Festival

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