Copy and paste an essay without getting caught by plagiarism scanning software: The Real Truth

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You’ve just started working on an essay assignment and the deadline is very near and you hardly have the time to do it yourself. You’ve found an essay that is nearly perfect. It may be a friend’s or one that you wrote for another class.

The only problem is that you don’t want to take the time to rewrite it so that it becomes your own.

Instead, You want to know how to not get caught by plagiarism scanning software (such as turnitin) by copying and pasting things directly into your new essay. In other words, you want to know how to cheat on an essay without getting caught.

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First, this is a no judgment zone. We understand that hardworking students can find themselves in tough positions. Work, family, illness, even other academic demands can all come together to make finishing writing assignments difficult. If you are wondering how to plagiarise without getting caught, you aren’t alone.

Here’s one method on how to copy and paste without getting caught. However, we don’t recommend it.

Instead, we hope that you will read to the end and consider some of our alternatives.

How to Copy And Paste an Essay Without Getting Caught

One method that students use to copy and paste material that is not original into a paper that will be scanned by turnitin or another plagiarism scanning software is to take a screenshot and save the text in an image file. Then insert the image file into your document. This way your instructor sees text, but the scanning software sees a picture.

There are some problems with this method. First, it can screw up your word count. None of the words that are embedded in a picture will be counted. Second, it’s a pretty old method. You can be pretty sure that turnitin has found ways by now to detect it when students attempt to use this method. We do not recommend attempting this. It simply isn’t worth your academic reputation or future to get caught up in an accusation of plagiarism. There are people today in their fifties and sixties who were caught cheating in college, and have never recovered from it.

You can lose your scholarships and financial aid. You can be expelled, suspended, or placed on academic probation. You will fail the assignment and the course. Your academic record will be marred forever. Getting into a graduate program or being allowed to participate in research projects are all things that may just go down the tubes all because you wanted to learn how to copy and paste and not get caught.

Quote Cite Paraphrase And Rewrite

If you have time to research ways to cheat, you may have time to simply do things the right way. Learn to quote, to cite sources, to paraphrase, and to rewrite things so that they are your own. In almost every case it will be worthwhile for you to do so.

Conclusion: Consider Getting Help From The Pros

If you simply don’t have the time or ability to write your own essay, don’t cheat! Instead, let us recommend a quality writing company that will be glad to help you with your essay writing needs.

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