College Festivals: Top Reasons to Be Part Of The Organising Committee

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College Festivals: Top Reasons to Be Part Of The Organising Committee
College Festivals are fun and entertaining, but to organize one takes lot of planning & months of hardwork. Here’s why you should consider being a part of the organizing committee.

Honing Your SKILLS

One of the best things about being involved with ‘Fests’ is that it gives you the opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and also helps you get in touch with various fields.

Working for college festivals opens up the world of ‘work’ for you.

Usually, you acquire skills/confidence in the areas of public speaking, general discussions, brain-storming, and event management. However, if you manage fests for more than a year, you pick up additional skills like budgeting allocations, marketing, co-ordination, etc, similar to a well-planned, self-induced internship.

Event Management

Though on a smaller scale, college festivals mimic the work of huge event management companies, thereby, presenting students with a viable career option. Right from ideation to execution, these fests are the brainchild of students. So the onus of a glitch free event is on them.

Skills such as arranging and managing events, teamwork, multitasking, liaising with the Corporate sector, working with semi-skilled workers can be picked up by students. These experiences will definitely go a long way in your individual growth.

Looks Good on the RESUME

As a fresher, anything that increases your employability quotient is a welcome thing on your RESUME.

Hiring companies know that festivals allow students to manage things professionally, allows them to interact with a large number of people, thereby, making them more articulate and honing their interview skills. It shows that the graduate has gone out of his/her way (by not being one of the audiences) to experience much more beyond the realms of classroom lectures.

To Conclude

College festivals are time for fun, and provide several opportunities for students and teachers to work closely with each other. Months of hard work & planning is involved and there’s plenty to gain by being a part of the organizing committee.

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