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Siemens Technical Academy, Mumbai

Mumbai University

Siemens India has inaugurated the Siemens Technical Academy at Airoli for those students who wish to make a career in industry and technology. This program supports the Government Of India drive to skill and re-skill India’s large manufacturing employee base (Skill India- Kaushal Bharat- Kushal Bharat) and is based on Siemens Germany DUAL VET Program) […]

Ping Sweep

Fundamentals of Ping Sweep (also known as an ICMP Sweep) So what is a ping sweep and what are the advantages of carrying out ping sweeping? Basically, its a technique that can be used to find out which hosts are alive in a network or among a large number of IP addresses. Ping sweep is […]

Evolution of Internet: Important Milestones

We all know about the modern day internet, almost everybody uses it, and i’m sure you would also have heard about some recent Facebook controversies. But do you know about the important events and how the internet evolved into the one that we use today? During the 1990s, the Internet was opened completely for commercial […]

Solar Energy Basics for Your Home

Using solar energy for your home is an idea worth pondering over. But before you go ahead thinking about putting solar panels all over you your house, you need to do some homework on the potential benefits, and how the installation itself works. Installing Solar panels can be a bit technical and lots of home […]

Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

Enjoy hands-free talking with the solar-powered Bluetooth speakerphone Multi-point connection: Switch between two phones and answer the phone that rings One full charge provides up to 11-13 hours continuous talk time Superior echo cancellation and noise reduction Windshield and visor mounting bracket included Product DescriptionIOGear’s GBHFK231 enables you to wirelessly place and receive calls on […]

Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light

Super bright 100,000 hour LEDs Glass protected multi crystal solar panel designed for outdoor applications 20-Foot Extension cord allows solar panel to be placed in direct sunlight Features two power settings Can be wall or pole mounted up to 20 feet away from fixture Product DescriptionBring light to your dark shed, without having to connect […]

How Do Mobile Phone Viruses Spread?

Cell phone viruses are spreading like never before. Read more on how most mobile phone viruses spread. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming popular for anytime surfing. People use various kinds of Apps, navigation systems, which require you to be always connected to the internet. That is where malware have started attacking these gadgets in […]

What is Ephemeral Port?

An ephemeral port is a temporary transport protocol port used for Internet Protocol (IP) communications, and is allocated automatically from a predefined range by the TCP/IP software. An ephemeral port, also called a transient port, or a temporary port, has the following characteristics: Usually is on the client side. Is set up when a client […]

Wind Turbine Safety Precautions

Wind turbines generate electricity from wind, and is popular means of generating power in several countries. are being manufactured and installed all across the nation. Wind energy employers need to protect their workers from workplace hazards and workers should be engaged in workplace safety and health and need to understand how to protect themselves from […]

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is the science of information security. Learn more about Cryptography here. What Is Cryptography? Cryptography is derived from the Greek kryptos, which means hidden. Its the practice and study of techniques for secure communication, in the presence of adversaries. Cryptography includes the study of principles, means and methods for the transformation of data, in […]

Adware Tracking Cookie

Adware Tracking Cookie – How to Remove All Traces of It? So what is an adware tracking cookie and how to remove all traces of it from your computer? As the name suggest it’s an adware that is downloaded to you computer with the intention of monitoring your online activities. And how different is an […]

What is SSCP Certification

Read more on the description and requirements for the SSCP certification offered by (ICS)2. What does SSCP stand for? It stands for Systems Security Certified Practitioner. Whom is it Intended for? This certification is designed for network and security administrators, network security engineers, security systems analysts, or network and security administrators. It is also perfect […]

Solar Power Efficient Appliances

Solar power is energy produced from the sun, and provides great results when you use both energy and conservation. Many are looking at this method to save the planet and conserving our energy. With solar power becoming more popular there is also the need for better & more efficient solar power products. People are now […] © 2018