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World Atlas, Maps for Kids

maps for kids

You’ll be surprised to see the enthusiasm that kids have for maps. Learning more about maps will help kids create treasure maps, help navigate on road trips, and dream about all the places they may want to visit someday. Maps also help kids to learn about geography. So if your toddlers playing kit doesn’t include […]

Top Best Rated Hexbug Toys

Hexbug is a brand of self-operating machines which are controlled by hand claps or other sounds. These are miniature toy robots, that can feel their way around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them, they can hear yo as well. Hexbugs are pretty small toys with a transparent case that allows you to see […]

Top Chemistry Sets for Children

If you want to teach your child chemistry in a fun and creative way, how do you do it? Simple, just buy them the chemistry set. Chemistry sets contain many experiments that can be done by kids right from kindergarten up to high school. Some experiments may need adult supervision, so be sure to go […]

Cool Spy Glasses for Kids

Kids love to play the “James Bond” games where they pretend to be a spy. There are many kids who have spy themed birthday parties and do some fun sleuthing around. But a spy party is not fun if the kids don’t look the part. What they need is a spy kit toys that will […]

Useful Star Maps & Kits for Kids

If you ever plan on going star gazing with your kids, you will need a star chart to guide you. A star chart is helpful in identifying the objects in the sky. There are many elements in the sky that your child will want to know of. Plus, with the earth rotating and revolving around […]

Wakawaka Solar Lamp

Review of the sleek and convenient, Wakawaka Solar Lamp Wakawaka Solar Lamp Charge it for eight hours in the sun and you get a full night of bright, usable light. The design is compact and convenient, and perfect for camping trips, hiking, and as in-home reading light. The internal battery should last about 3 years […]

Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

Here’s a complete review of the Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit. Product Description Can you set up a solar panel to run a radio, make a fan, or turn on a light? These do-it-yourself science experiments help kids develop a basic knowledge of solar energy. And each science project involves putting parts together to make […]

Solar Powered Helicopter

This is the shape of things to come up, this is how things are going to be powered in the future. And if you thought solar energy is not being considered for bigger possibilities (on a much bigger scale), check this out — The world first Solar Powered Helicopter takes Flight. Checkout this video: Though […]

Thames and Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop

Build 12 models, including a solar-powered tractor, truck, treaded vehicle, car, elevator, drawbridge, fan, airplane, mobile crane and construction crane Learn about harnessing and using solar power Learn about motors and simple machines Best seller Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Product DescriptionIn one way or another, almost every form of energy we use originates as energy […]

OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered

Here’s a complete review of the Solar Powered OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit. Product DescriptionBuild your own life-size grasshopper. An educational robot and mini solar kit. He’s small, but he’s an attention-getter! Explore the potential of solar power with this neat science kit. This build-it-yourself educational solar hobby kit is for the first time science experimenters […] © 2018