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Computer / Laptop for Kids

computer for kids

Every parent wants their child to be good in technology. A child’s brain has the ability to grasp as much as possible. sooner or later you need to introduce them to the world of computers. Why educational computers Educational computers are the miniature version of standard computers, it gives them a real-life experience of working […]

Science (STEM) Toys, Kits & Games

stem toys

Science (STEM) Toys, Kits & Games for the young, creative minds. Science is an important subject which plays an important role in our lives, and its best learnt by seeing things in reality. Make your child learn science through toys & games Science toys help kids apply the theories learnt at school thereby letting them […]

STEM Videos & YouTube Channels (Age 5 to 10)

Vi Hart: Vi narrates these interesting videos on topics from spirals in math to Pi and Anti-Pi. This channel is STEAM since she incorporates science, math, and art Make: Workshop shows cool videos about projects you can make — covers a wide variety of interests and ages. Videos Promoting STEM A STEM Education, Tools to […]

Imaginary Trip to Mars to Get Kids Interested in STEM

More and more educators are proposing that outer space become an integral part of STEM education. Giving kids opportunities to explore space technologies would boost their interest in general engineering, math, and science (STEM). A new STEM academy at Westminster College have created an imaginary scenario where kids are preparing to take a trip to […]

Here’s How to Encourage Girls to Love Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)?

Most young students dread the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math). Here’s how to get them to like (is not excited) these subjects. No doubt you see more and more women (Anita Roberts, Kalpana Chawla, Sally Ride, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Blackburn) in science-related careers, however, percentage-wise there is still a significant under-representation of women. […]

How Computers Work

Do you want to know how does a computer work? Students and those who want to get into the repair business will find this article on how computers work really useful. A computer, though it looks very compact and simple nowadays, it is still a complicated piece of equipment. At the most basic level, it […]

Laptops for Kids

Why Get Computers / Laptops for Kids Toy laptops for kids are a great way of introducing your children to the wonderful world of computers. Looking for project help, assignment help, writing help, research help? Want to tidy up things to get more more marks? Want to speed up things so that you can focus […]

What is Condensation: Concept Explained For Kids

At times it easier to explain a concept to a child by demonstrating it rather than just saying it. Children understand it better when they have a visual representation. For instance, the concept of condensation can be a bit difficult for a child to understand but you can create examples for better understanding of the […]

Popular Science Dictionary for Kids


When you Google for science terms, lot of things will come up that may not make a lot of sense, especially if you don’t have a science background and are looking for some help to deal with your kids homework. So why not invest in a science dictionary instead? There are some really good science […]

Science Worksheets for Kids

Once your kids go to school, they will be introduced to many important subjects, one of which is also science. Science is not only important but it can be made fun and interesting with worksheets. Worksheets are aids that help a child develop interest in science. It also teaches kids about the various concepts of […] © 2017 Frontier Theme