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Latin square interactive game

Sets of Latin squares that are orthogonal to each other have found an application as error correcting codes in situations where communication is disturbed by more types of noise than simple white noise, such as when attempting to transmit broadband Internet over power lines. Watch: Latin Square Interactive Game Firstly, the message is sent by […]

TetraVex puzzle / game

TetraVex is a puzzle computer game, available for Windows and Linux systems. TetraVex is an edge-matching puzzle. The player is presented with a grid (by default, 3×3) and nine square tiles, each with a number on each edge. The objective of the game is to place the tiles in the grid in the proper position […]

Polyform puzzle game

In recreational mathematics, a polyform is a plane figure constructed by joining together identical basic polygons. The basic polygon is often (but not necessarily) a convex plane-filling polygon, such as a square or a triangle. More specific names have been given to polyforms resulting from specific basic polygons, as detailed in the table below. For […]

Dots and Boxes (Game)

Dots and Boxes (also known as Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, or, simply, the Dot Game) is a pencil and paper game for two players (or sometimes, more than two) first published in 1889 by Édouard Lucas. Game of dots and boxes on the 2×2 board. Starting with […]

Hexapawn (math / board game)

Hexapawn is a deterministic two-player game invented by Martin Gardner. It is played on a rectangular board of variable size, for example on a 3×3 board or on a chessboard. On a board of size n×m, each player begins with m pawns, one for each square in the row closest to them. The goal of […]

Sprouts (Math Game)

Sprouts is a pencil-and-paper game with interesting mathematical properties. It was invented by mathematicians John Horton Conway and Michael S. Paterson at Cambridge University in 1967. A 2-spot game of Sprouts The game is played by two players, starting with a few spots drawn on a sheet of paper. Players take turns, where each turn […]

Maths for Kids: Useful Resources / Worksheets

math for kids

Enjoy a wide range of free math games, interactive learning activities and fun educational resources that will engage students while they learn mathematics. Find cool math games, interesting facts, printable worksheets, quizzes, videos, made specifically for students and children of all ages. Why learn math? The word “Mathematics” comes from the ancient Greek language. For […]

Maths question for five-year-olds baffles adults

MATHS question intended for kids aged between five and seven has baffled several adults who are unable to agree on the answer. The question required grade one kids (in Singapore) to study a pattern and fill in the missing numbers. for Grade Ones in Singapore. Apparently, this math question appeared in an exam for Grade […]

Unit Converter (Converting Metric)

With this unit converter, you can convert between a wide variety of measurement units including length, temperature, time, volume, mass, and more. So the next time you’re not sure about the conversion between mile & km, beyween hectare and metre, or between celcius or fahrenheit, refer to this converter. Unit Converter Metric Conversion Quiz Worksheets […]

Money Worksheets from Around the World

printable money worksheets

Find printable money worksheets from around the World. Kids will need to start counting money sooner than later, and its one of the most practical early math skills. Here, you will find printable money worksheets, including counting money worksheets, counting money games, adding and subtracting different money amounts, and so on. You get printable money […]

How to Make Math Fun For Your Kids

We all know how important Math is; its important for kids when in school and it remains important in your adult life as well. No wonder teachers and parents want kids to be god in Maths, but not all kid get excited about maths and puzzles (in general). Most teachers and parents strongly believe that […]

River crossing puzzle

A river crossing puzzle is a type of transport puzzle in which the object is to carry items from one river bank to another. The difficulty of the puzzle may arise from restrictions on which or how many items can be transported at the same time, or from which or how many items may be […]

Sudoku (and its Mathematics)

The class of Sudoku puzzles consists of a partially completed row-column grid of cells partitioned into N regions each of size N cells, to be filled in using a prescribed set of N distinct symbols (typically the numbers {1, …, N}), so that each row, column and region contains exactly one of each element of […]

Eternity puzzle

The eternity puzzle was a geometric puzzle with a million-pound prize, created by Christopher Monckton, who put up half the money himself, the other half being put up by underwriters in the London insurance market. The puzzle was distributed by the Ertl Company. The puzzle consisted of filling a large almost regular dodecagon with 209 […] © 2018