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Art & Craft Ideas: School Projects

art and craft project ideas

Now its easy to order art and craft projects for exhibitions, school projects, or for making learning easy and interactive for kids! Explore intelligent gift ideas for birthdays, awards! You can also download art and craft projects / models guides. There are a number of free downloads as well available on the website for meeting […]

How to make your own maracas (Art & Craft)

make maracas art craft

Here’s how to make your own maracas (Art & Craft ideas). A maraca is a hollow gourd-shaped container filled with beans, pebbles, or similar objects, shaken as a percussion instrument (used in Latin American music). What you need Two paper lunch bags A handful of dried beans Things to decorate with (markers, stickers, glitter) Yarn […]

Best Theatre workshops for Kids in Mumbai

theatre for kids

Best Theatre workshops for Kids in Mumbai: For all the kids who were born to perform and rule the stage, this list is for you. Register and have hours of endless fun. make holidays for your kids educational, and creative with this diverse range of workshops. Also, find useful resources and books on Theatre. Benefits […]

Music Lessons (and instruments) for Kids

musical instruments for kids

The number of studies that suggest that learning music leads to improved educational performance is impressive. No wonder parents and teachers want children to learn music, and at least pick up the basics, be it singing or learning to play a musical instrument. Introduction Even the ancient Greek philosopher Plato said, “I would teach children […]

Study of Fine Arts in Depth

The study of fine arts requires creativity, imagination, aesthetics as well as an intellectual bent of mind. Those blessed with an aptitude for it need to back it up with a formal degree to pursue a career in a specific discipline of fine arts. Course basics The Master of fine arts (MFA) is usually a […]

Photography Workshop for Kids in Mumbai

Photography Workshop for Kids in Mumbai where the young creative minds learn about photography in a fun filled environment. Introduction Today, be it any special occasion, or even a small get-together, its very common for people to take photographs and share it with friends on Facebook and other social media sites. Everybody want to take […] © 2018