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Puzzle for Students: Selfie

Solve this puzzle for all masterminds !! I’am an 6 letter word First 4 is me 2 and 6 are same letters 1,2,6 means look 4,6,2 means type of payment Who am l? Want a Hint? Its today’s youngster’s favorite… And the Answer is? Scroll down… Answer: Selfie Originally posted 2015-06-07 19:57:52.



This is the WORLD’S EASIEST QUIZ (Passing requires only 3 correct answers out of 10 !!) (Only total thicko’s will fail !!) So here are the questions. 1) How long did the Hundred Years’ War last? Looking for project help, assignment help, writing help, research help? Want to tidy up things to get more more […] © 2017 Frontier Theme