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Be kind, be nice to others

Good parenting for toddlers

Pls be nice to others!! AN INTERESTING READ A girl by name Deepa went to school in the neighbouring village where she wasn’t known well. For three weeks, she came to school late and every time the teacher punished her. On the fourth week,Deepa didn’t attend school at all and many thought she had GIVEN […]

What makes you beautiful?

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At the naughty age of 50… We had our school reunion…one of my friend mentioned – look at the girls..they are still looking so beautiful 😍…even today,I skipped a heart beat looking at my crush ..😀. But the boys are looking so old…many are bald with protruding tummies & shrunken faces …:) Made me think…what […]

Even Gods Have Problems

best krishna quotes learnings from mahabharat

So hear this one …. you will feel better …. everyone has issues & concerns …. you need to find a balance of some sort Even Gods Have Problems Lord Shiva and Vishnu were sitting one day, and Shiva was complaining to Vishnu about his problems. Here is what he said. I have two sons […] © 2018