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Top Reasons Why Outstation Students Love Mumbai

Mumbai may not attract foreign students in hordes but it definitely attracts strudents from all over India. Top quality colleges, better career prospects, and of-course the glamour (its home to Bollywood) attracts thousands of students to Mumbai every year from other cities in India. Photo: ImagesBazaar What are the other things they like? The thrill […]

Swiss Students in India on Study Tour

India’s fast-growing market (among the fastest in the world) makes it an ideal case study for International students. With globalisation and growing interest in the emerging Indian market, there is increasing demand for understanding the nuances of ‘doing business’ in India. SLX is a learning exchange platform that provides Swiss students with an opportunity to […]

Best Street Food in Mumbai

List of the best places in Mumbai to have (inexpensive). 1. Shahi Paneer at Cream Center (Restaurant Chain) 2. Vada pao outside Kirti College, Dadar 3. Dal Makhani at Preetam da dhaba, Dadar T.T. 4. Biryani at bombay blue (Restaurant Chain) 5. Bun maska at Sasania bakery, Dhobitalao, Marine Lines 6. Mava cake at Merwans […]

Housing & Accommodation in Mumbai

If you’re a student in India, you should consider living in the accommodation provided by universities. Several universities in Mumbai provide international students with university accommodation. This is the best way of finding somewhere to stay in Mumbai at short notice, til you figure out which are the best places in Mumbai to live in […]

Working in Mumbai

India is one of the world’s few growing economies, and attracts several high flying international graduates who wish to have ‘Indian work experience’ on their resume, who’re looking to develop their skills in a new country or take advantage of India’s rapid growth. If you’re a foreigner, you may be surprised to read this, but […]

Immigration and Visas for India

Requirement for Student visas are different from that required for tourists and for working in India. Requirements for Student Visa in India In order to qualify for a student visa in India, you will need to demonstrate the following: You need to have a confirmed place/admission in a course at a recognised education institution in […]

What to Wear in Mumbai?

Mumbai has a hot and humid climate most of the time, so light clothes (made of natural fiber materials such as cotton) are best to wear. Cloths made from artificial fiber materials such as nylon is usually not recommended. Mind you, its hot only when you step outdoors. Most offices, international schools, venues, and some […]

Climate/ Weather in Mumbai

Mumbai doesn’t have the best of weather in India, especially if you have been to other (cooler) places in North India before. Winter is virtually non-existent (its cooler for about a month or so). Its never too hot nor too cold in Mumbai. It rains quite heavily during the monsoon months of (June to August), […]

Mumbai Overview

Mumbai is one of the world’s largest cities, full of people, colour, energy (and even noise.) Besides being the financial and commercial capital, Mumbai is India’s cultural capital as well. Mumbai is home to more than 20million inhabitants (over 2 crore people) making it the fourth most populous city in the world. Over the years, […] © 2018