Business Brokerage Certification Programs

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Business Brokerage Certification Programs: Learn how to buy and sell businesses. Increase your business brokerage knowledge, an valuable asset in our knowledge economy.

What is Business Brokerage

Business brokerage involves helping people sell their businesses, and also help people achieve the dream of owning their own business. And you earn a fees (brokerage) for doing that.

Business Brokerage Certification Programs

Explore the Multi-billion dollar brokerage industry 5000+ businesses listed every year for Buy/Sale.

Program Overview

  • Intensive training on business brokerage fundamentals
  • Deal structuring techniques and transaction management
  • Skills of merger and acquisition
  • Business valuation and pricing


  • Highly rewarding consulting business
  • Business appreciation with time
  • Lead generation and marketing support
  • Networking support for deal closure

Eligibility: Financial Advisor, CA, ICWA, CS, CFA, Management Graduate, Business Brokerage Professional

Top Business Brokerage Certification Programs

CBB (Certified Business Broker)

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