Accept all the blessings around you


Have you ever wondered how come seeking blessings actually brings you good vibrations? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar unfolds the secret here :

You can sit anywhere and ask for blessings in your mind, and you will receive blessing. You may ask me how is that possible ?

Tell me, how does Kama Vasana (lust) get aroused?
Just by thinking such thoughts, isn’t it?! Hormones are then secreted in excess in the body.

How do you get angry?
Just by thinking. You think about those who you are angry and your body begins to show action of anger.

How does hatred come?
By thinking about others whom you dislike.

How does fear come?
By thinking.

So, if by thinking, lust can come, anger can come, fear can come, hatred can come, then can blessing also not come just by thinking?

Are blessings so ineffective, or do you think that you have to work so hard to get blessings?
No! Not at all!

You don’t need to do anything…….Just by thinking you get divine blessings.
You are divinely blessed !!!


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